Today we’re talking about scar removal. There are many different ways to improve a scar. The best one that we can perform at Christina Clinic is called profractional. And this is where we are using a laser to create micro-channels in the scar area to promote collagen growth. And what we’re doing is creating these fiber blasts to smooth over a scar area. The profractional treatment is a treatment that takes about four to five days to actually recover so you can go out in public again. So it does require some downtime, but it is really an amazing treatment to smooth out acne scarring or actually wrinkles as well.

If you do not want to have as much downtime, we also have an alternative called the SkinPen. This gives you about a 24 hour downtime where we go over the scars as well. It’s still doing the microneedling and creating those channels to create the collagen only in a different way. We are not using heat or a laser. People who have darker skin are best to do the SkinPen method because it doesn’t use heat and darker skin and can respond with hyperpigmentation when it has heat. So the SkinPen is the best treatment for them.

Both of these methods can also be employed every four weeks. Results are showing in about three to six months, and people have been so pleased. It’s an amazing way to have your own body create its own collagen to replace those areas that are pitted and fill them in with collagen. So give us a call at Christina Clinic, (651) 482-8912. Thank you.

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