Today we’re talking about sun damage. This is a common problem that people come into our office that are looking for help. There’s a lot of different ways that we can treat this.

Probably our best tool is our broadband light. This is where we treat the entire area and use different filters to target different colors in the skin. What we would do is go after the sun damage with this 515 filter. The light sees it and draws it up to the top of the skin, causing it to become darker. In seven to 10 days, it flakes off and it’s kind of like a coffee granule, the spot. It just kind of sloughs right on and leaves the skin with an even skin tone. After we have this treatment, it’s very important to use sunscreen because the spots can reoccur.

Another good treatment to use is the Obagi Nu-Derm system which people use for about 18 to 24 weeks. It’s a five-step system that people need to be very vigilant using every day, but it creates a very clear complexion as an end result.

We also use the SkinPen, and that is another way of using microneedling to go after sun damage.

If you have further questions, you can call us at Christina Clinic at (651) 482-8912. Thank you.

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